January 10

Wealth investigators share £200m bounty

Wealth investigators share £200m bounty Three wealth investigators have shared about £200m in bounty fees after tracking down the assets of Georgian billionaire Arkady "Badri" Patarkatsishvili. However, the firm they used to work for is suing them for a share after they left to set up their own agreement with the billionaire’s family. Former solicitor Ben Marson and two associates became multimillionaires after identifying $3bn of assets and taking a 15% success fee for everything over $500m. The Sunday Times, Page: 13

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November 27

Guidance on plastic mesh used in gynae/abdominal surgery

The Health Watchdog NICE is to recommend that vaginal mesh should be banned in routine operations.

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August 22


Alzheimer's Research UK have announced a bold new mission: to bring about the first life-changing treatment for Dementia by 2025.

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June 02

Leases leave homes unsellable

JMD Law warns of “toxic leaseholds” that leave owners stuck with property that buyers cannot secure mortgages on as banks deem the leases too short or ground rents too high.

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