July 19

P’s wishes and feelings outweigh argument concerning futility of future treatment

Private Client analysis: Elizabeth Fox, barrister at Serjeants’ Inn Chambers, advises that this case provides a reminder as to the importance of consulting families and ascertaining the individual’s wishes and feelings, and the values and beliefs underlying those wishes, prior to bringing an application for withdrawal of treatment.

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January 30

Justice Gap blog publishes Tom Evans

The article authored by Tom Evans, titled 'Mental Capacity and Crochet', has been re-tweeted by the Secret Barrister to over 200,000 followers and has now been published on the Justice Gap legal blog. The article can be found here: https://www.thejusticegap.com/capacity-and-crochet-unpicking-the-truth-of-mental-capacity-and-the-law/ The article is the first in a series of 'Deputy Diaries' which will address many of the issues encountered by the Court of Protection ('COP'). The Vantage Law legal blog will host all upcoming articles and also provides a space for professionals, practitioners and users of the COP to share their experiences. The Vantage Law blog can be accessed at https://www.vantage-law.co.uk/

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December 25

Spend more money — the most ignored piece of financial advice

Spend more money — the most ignored piece of financial advice An FT poll of financial advisers has found many are frustrated at wealthy clients for not bothering to make a will or lasting power of attorney – if they do it’s a cheap one unfit for purpose. Nigel Jones of JMD Law said an LPA, can be worth its weight in gold against the costs of having to apply to the Court for a Deputyship Order for someone to have the authority to look after your finances and property if you suffer dementia.

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October 10

Clinical Negligence Legal Aid Award

We are pleased to announce that JMD Law has been awarded a 3 year contract by the Legal Aid Agency to offer Legal Aid in clinical negligence cases. We are one of only a handful of firms in South Wales to hold this contract. Legal Aid is only available to investigate claims on behalf of babies who are seriously injured at birth. If you are concerned that your child suffered serious injury through poor care please contact Jane Rogers on 02920 456780.

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