October 10

Cwm Taf Health Board investigate deaths of babies

The Health Board said that in the past 3 years, 26 babies have died at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, Prince Charles hospital and at home. The Director of Nursing acknowledges that there have been problems recruiting and retaining maternity staff but is reviewing paperwork of these sad losses to ensure that the services provided are safe. The Health Board has appointed 15 new midwives and a consultant midwife. Any further information arising from the investigation will be shared in full with the families concerned. Jane Rogers of JMD Law said: “The open approach taken by the Health Board is a step in the right direction in providing the best possible care for women and their babies. Whilst the outcome of the investigation is awaited, if you are one of the families affected you can contact Jane Rogers on 02920 456780 for advice

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August 28

The Danger of Homemade Wills

The number of High Court disputes relating to wills has jumped more than a third in five years, as increasing numbers of people are writing their own. Nigel Jones of JMD Law said that last year almost four out of 10 people executed wills without calling in an expert despite the danger of being sued by family members: “Homemade Wills may result in a legal dispute if someone does not think they have been left what they were promised, the wording is ambiguous or it has not been signed correctly. It really is a false economy to try and do your own rather than use an experienced solicitor, to try and save the fee”. Six in 10 Briton have failed to write a will, according to research by Which? Legal.

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July 05

Nurse arrested over murder of eight babies

Nurse arrested over murder of eight babies A neonatal nurse has been arrested on suspicion of murdering eight babies and attempted murder of another six babies at the neonatal unit at the Countess of Chester Hospital. Police are investigating the deaths of 17 babies and 15 non-fatal collapses between March 2015 and July 2016. Jane Rogers of JMD Law said: "Families have been devastated by this recent news. I am hopeful that the investigation can provide answers for the families of these children. Anyone affected by this tragedy can contact me on 02920 456780 for advice. I am accredited by the Foundation for Infant Loss to provide specialist legal advice to bereaved families”.

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May 29

Executors Liable for IHT!

Executors take care – you might be liable for IHT even if you are not a beneficiary. One case offers a cautionary tale. Glyne Harris was left owing HMRC £340,000 in death duties after discharging the assets of an estate on what he claims was the understanding that the beneficiary would pay the IHT owed. But the beneficiary left the country for Barbados without paying up. Mr Harris launched an appeal but tribunal judge Nicholas Aleksander rejected it. Nigel Jones of JMD Law, commented: "It doesn't necessarily depend on the size of the estate, but it can pay to instruct a lawyer where, as in the case with Mr Harris, inheritance tax is payable."

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