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We cannot stress the importance of Will writing enough. Many people will put off Will writing thinking it is not something that needs to be done until old age. Sadly this is not always the case. Having a Will in place ensures that even if in the most tragic of circumstances, your loved ones are cared for and looked after.

A survey of more than 2,000 people by Royal London in 2017 revealed three in five adults have not written a Will.  The shortfall is even more pronounced amount co-habiting couples, with three-quarters admitting they do not have a Will.

The possessions you cherish and wealth you have built up by working so hard over the years should be left to those people you love the most; those who have made the biggest difference in your life.

Without a Will, you are leaving such an important decision to chance. Our specialist, friendly solicitors provide a Will writing service which ensures your exact wishes become a reality.

Without a Will in place, you risk:

  • Your spouse not inheriting as much as you think
  • Your estate being controlled by someone you would not have wished
  • Your children being looked after by someone inappropriate
  • Any specific funeral wishes being ignored
  • If unmarried, your partner not inheriting
  • Children from another relationship not being provided for
  • Paying considerable inheritance tax
  • Jointly held properties passing to a co-owner, rather than family

There are many people who now offer Will writing services even though they are not qualified legal advisors. Use a solicitor to prepare your Will instead and make sure it is legally binding. The cost is often similar, but the peace of mind will be priceless. Don’t leave anything to chance!

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