August 22

Alzheimer's Research UK - Mission

There are currently no treatments that slow or stop the diseases that cause Dementia, only ones that mitigate its symptoms - and even they can be of limited effect.

Alzheimer's Research UK state that if research delivered a treatment that could delay the onset of Dementia by five years, that would mean 469,000 fewer people living with Dementia by 2030.  Even a treatment that doesn't affect the diseases that cause Dementia, but simply makes the symptoms a lot easier to live with, could make a huge difference to people's lives.

Alzheimer's Research UK has four clear objectives that will help them achieve their mission:

1. To understand the causes of Dementia;

2. To improve the quality of diagnosis;

3. To reduce risk factors; and

4. To find a treatment.

One in three research projects undertaken by Alzheimer's Research Ltd are funded through gifts in Wills left by people like you.

We have teamed up with Alzheimer's Society for their Will to Remember Scheme.  The Scheme enables people to seek advice and support for writing or updating a Will. You will receive up to £150 off the cost of your Will.  There is no obligation upon you to leave a legacy to Alzheimer's Society, although any gift you are able to make would go a long way towards making their plans for 2025 a reality!  For more information and to receive your Will to Remember voucher, please sign up using the following link:


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