January 31

Jane Rogers Director at JMD Law Solicitors granted Legal Aid Contract


Jane Rogers, a Director and Senior Solicitor of JMD Law Solicitors, has recently been granted a contract to offer legal aid by the Legal Aid Agency. The tender was highly competitive and we are delighted to be able to confirm that Jane was successful. JMD Law is one of only 8 law firms in Wales authorised to offer legal aid in these cases.

Legal Aid for clinical negligence cases is available ONLY for Claimants alleging that a child suffered severe brain injury caused by negligence during pregnancy or in the 8 week period after birth. In addition, there are tests for merit and financial eligibility.

The application for legal aid is detailed and complex but here at JMD Law we will guide you through it and make the application on your behalf. We understand that this can be a stressful and traumatic time so we will aim to do all we can to minimise any extra distress that may be caused by the application.

Legal aid is a UK government funding initiative for those that struggle to pay their legal bills. Legal aid helps to meet the costs of legal advice and representation in a court.

You will not have to pay legal fees if you have been granted legal aid but your case does not succeed.

However, if you recover compensation you may have to repay the Legal Aid Agency some of the costs incurred in investigations but we always attempt to keep this to an absolute minimum. It should not put you off applying for legal aid.

We are always happy to discuss with you – if you want to know more please contact Jane Rogers on 02920 456780

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